Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thank You, ALL!

It's been two whole weeks since I have posted, here. Believe me, it's not like I was on an exotic vacation! As many of you know, via my last post where I discussed all the crazy happenings with my son, Renn, we were enduring (and then recovering from) a week-long Video EEG to determine the cause of the seizures he's having. I thought a few of you might share his story. I thought maybe one or two of you would post his picture on your Facebook walls. Oh no. You see, the writing community just doesn't work like that. There is no "sub-par" attitude, and I do not believe a single member knows how to do anything but pour out an abundance of love... especially when it comes to children.

That post was seen over 2,567 times.
That post was SHARED 776 times.
And Renn's picture? Well, there's no number to be sure. But I do know that over 35 of my own friends changed their profile picture to his sweet face, in order to show their support.

But, see, that's not all that happened. Beth Stilborn was the first to write her own blog post about my sweet boy. She then posted it in every which way it could go, and a couple of her friends contacted me, saying they'd share and were praying.  Carter Higgins was tweeting Renn  Star Wars jokes while he sat there, bored, in his hospital bed! The amazing, ever beautiful (inside and out), most incredible Marcie Colleen dedicated her entire week of blogging as "Renn Week", which even included a contest. And then, there was Julie Rowan-Zoch... She, created this:

Yes. I cried. And cried. And cried.

I know there are more, MANY more out there who went out of their way to share Renn's story (I got a message from someone in the Netherlands! I have NO clue how they heard his story, but it was amazing to see it get that far!). I know that there were so many who prayed, changed their profile pictures, and tried to get #Renn trending on twitter until he came home from the hospital. To say that I am baffled... No. That's not even close to how overcome with love and emotion I was.

This writing community is truly a family. We struggle when one struggles. We celebrate when one has glorious news. We encourage when one of us is down, and we help mold and shape the stories of our peers that we know are going to be giant successes.

Your messages, wall posts, tweets, jokes, pictures, and love, made all the difference. Renn has a very LONG road ahead of him. But with each one of you standing firmly behind him, I'm convinced that he'll make it out of this one day.

So, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making our family and gorgeous Jedi priority numero uno for that week. I have been deeply praying for all of you, that God might bless you for your kindness. Only my father, my grandmother, and the hubby's cousin came to see Renn in the hospital. However, he had 10+ other NON RELATED people come visit him. I thank all of them as well.

Like I said, he has a loooong road ahead of him. UCSF is pretty much a guarantee right now, as he isn't responding super well to the new medication. He went seizure free for 5 whole days but for three of those days, he was, well, stoned. Out of it. Completely unreachable. So, needless to say, we're still working on it.

I'm back to writing, however! This week I will have a new I Ponder post, and I hope to hear the wonderful answers you give me.

Last thing-

While we were in the hospital, Renn asked me to make this sign. This is for you... even if your name isn't written here, it IS written on our hearts.


  1. Yes, there were tears in my eyes as I read this. Yes, we in this writing community are family. No doubt about it. You, and Renn, and your whole family remain in my thoughts as you travel that long road that lies ahead of you. You do not walk it alone. We're all there with you, every step of the way.

  2. I heart this community. So glad you guys got the love you deserved! :)

  3. Speaking of and Renn utterly broke me! Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

  4. What a beautiful post! With your love and this writing community's support, Renn can do ANYTHING! My prayers are still with you and your family...

    Donna L Martin

  5. Beautiful! May God bless your family and heal Renn!

  6. get better Renn .. fairy kisses to you!

  7. Positive engeries are an amzaing thing! And so are you and Renn, Bethany ;~D Stay strong knowing you and your little love are not walking this path alone!!

  8. Awww. I'm so glad you had so much support through these rough weeks. I hope you find sustaining support on the road forward!

  9. Glad to hear that Renn is doing well!

  10. This touched me, Bethany! That's what community is all about...what a blessing. I'm sure you will keep us up to date with Renn's situation, so we can pray and be an encouragement. Give him a squeeze for me...

  11. Come on Renn! You can do it! I shall make something fo you really soon! It will be a surprise, but it includes Star Wars! :) May the Force be with you, young Grand Master Jedi Renn Telles (that actually sounds like a Star Wars name!). I hope you get better. :)

  12. Will continue to pray for , Renn, you, and the rest of your family. Also-May the Force be with you!

  13. Prayers will definitely continue for Renn. He has the Best. Smile. Ever. through it all. Way to go, Renn. Hang in there, Mom. You can't have a rainbow if it doesn't rain. xo

  14. So proud to be part of this Rebel Alliance! It often takes a 'learner' to bring out the best in us, and always a terrific parent to 'master' the mission, blast points and all. So much love!

  15. Hi Ms. Telles!
    This is Erik AKA This Kid Reviews Books. I made a short Lego Star Wars movie for Renn as a get well present. I wanted to email it to you and was wondering if that was OK. If it is, can you email me at erik (at) thiskidreviewsbooks (dot) com so I can have your email and can send the video? Thank you,